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Sunday, August 15, 2010


What was the President really thinking?Does he think Americans do not comprehend English or that we are all disciples of political correctness.Why did he not ignore commenting during the ceremony with his Muslim brethren last Friday at the White House.
Just like the case of the white policeman and the black professor,our President seems to create an unnecessary distraction for his party.In a tough election year for the democrats,an emotional issue like the building of a mosque two blocks from ground zero in lower Manhattan should not have been his fish to fry now.After all,the white house had told us that it was a local issue for New york.

It is rather interesting that after President Obama, elaborately stated that he approved of the rights of Muslims to build a mosque in Lower Manhattan near ground zero(as if Americas are stupid not to know what the main point of disputes are),he is now walking backward and forward in a grand act of political somersault to put some spin to his misadventure.
Now republicans can go on having great political assault on the democrats,turning the issue to a national political talking point.
I wonder if the political strategist in this white house are not republicans..just thinking aloud.

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