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Monday, August 16, 2010


The issue whether same sex marriage should be allowed has rocked the country for a while now,with the recent ruling of the federal judge in California upholding same sex marriage.
It is true that marriage is a private matter and also a guaranteed constitutional right.However the bone of contention is whether the traditional definition and concept of marriage should be changed by a single judge or body of justices in the judicial branch of government.

There may not be consensus on same sex marriage nationally but states should be allowed to decide whether same sex marriage should be part of their culture . Afterall domestic relations and issues of marriage have always been left for the states of the union to decide.

If same sex marriage is recognized as a constitutional right ,are we ready to accommodate other forms of marriage? Where are we going to draw the boundaries.There are traditional religion practitioners in the United States who may also assert their constitutional right to marry more than one wife.Numerous African customs and beliefs are rooted in African customary ethics.These group of people believe and practice polygamy(marrying of more than one spouse). So are we going to discriminate against them? Is the equal protection under the law and due process provisions of the United States constitution not available to these group of people.
If the courts grant homosexual Americans the right to marry,what about the Muslim who is entitled to four wives under sharia.How about the traditional religion and African customary ethics practitioner ?are we going to discriminate against them?

The New face of United States that may emerge ,or that is emerging should all give us cause to pause and ponder.Is this the United States that the colonist had in mind or is it the United States that the founding fathers had in mind?

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