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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


It is mind startling what strategic political thinking went into APC's nomination of Mr. Umana Umana, as its gubernatorial candidate for the forthcoming elections next April. Let's all agree that Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria needs a change in governance. So how did Umana Umana become a change agent?  Mr.Umana  Umana  has been in PDP and in the political leadership and governance of Akwa Ibom state from the period of Victor Attah. For more than fifteen yeas to date, Mr.Umana has been in government of Akwa Ibom State as an active player and participant.

If the mantra of APC is change! Change ! How do you justify putting out a man who has been part of the governance, misgovernance, near-governance and at times blundering or misdirecting of the commonwealth of Akwa Ibom State as an agent of Change?

It appears that the people of Akwa Ibom are now left with choosing between the Ocean and a River. I urge all Akwa Ibom citizens to vote with the realization that, at least we can demand that whoever wins in April 2015, "we the people", will demand and send a message that in Akwa Ibom . That it's not going to be same game, same business and same taking us for a ride. Whoever wins , it is a reality that it's going to be the continuation of PDP administration. But we hope and look beyond the partisan political strife and electioneering and hope that it's going to be a NEW DAWN.

Let all sons and daughters,of Akwa Ibom hold whoever wins as our next Governor, feet to the fire, and help him THINK, "we the people."

Udom Emmanuel, looks more of a change compared to Umana Umana.

Godspeed Akwa Ibom State.

*This commentary was first published on March 18, 2015 and it is still relevant now.

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