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Thursday, March 19, 2015


When few days ago I got information of "rumors" and grapevine chatter that thugs and political gladiators are about to unleash mayhem upon themselves in Akwa Ibom State, I thought it was the normal electioneering bolstering and machos.

Now, we have heard reports of alleged assassination in Ukanafun,Akwa Ibom State of a politician. The sad story is that  he was allegedly murdered in his home,within the serenity of his people.

So we are back to those senseless murders, killings and domination within Akwa Ibom political space we witnessed back in those days. Soon both political parties would start making political cheap score on who is responsible and who is the devil. We are all responsible . Yes, We Akwa Ibom people, who did not demand punishment and accountability during the earlier dragon days.

When a group of people assume they have monopoly of violence and cow the rest of society to fear,timidity and voicelessness ,this is what we get.

My take is that this mess is not going to be solved by the Nigerian Police, nor the Security services. They never solved the initial dragon days. Now , is the time for ,Akwa Ibom to rise hope and hold these dungs of the earth accountable. Not by violence but concerted, directed civic action and movement. We the people should immediately call those responsible out, they live amongst us,they are not spirits. I am sure someone out there knows who did this devilish act, may be more that are still in planning stages.We cannot allow our State to be held hostage by thugs and Fools.

So how did Okon Uwa die?  Was he assassinated ? Did he slumb from stampede by who? These are the season of foolishness and 0s... It's the return of the dragons.

This Dragon must be Caged Now.

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