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Sunday, December 13, 2015


Corruption is Stealing,corruption is harakiri, corruption is wicked, corruption is stupid. Corruption dwells in us. Forget about that other saying by my Niger Delta brother, that corruption is not "awoof', or corruption is not stealing. For a second forget about Dasuki and his band of marauding sharers. Let's do an underground spiritum analysis on why we Nigerians are wedding to this Ogbanje.

What makes a bailiff to shake you down in the Nigerian court  to serve an otherwise simple court process that he has been paid(?) by the public to do. What makes a lawyer go to a magistrate's chambers and give him money just so that bail be granted his client. What makes a police man mount a legal road block, don't believe their IGP, when he screams that its illegal! If you do , you believe all things.What makes a collared priest and uncolared priest bamboozle gullible members of his congregation to give money for an otherwise charitable cause but uses the money to feed his fantasies? What makes a custom  and excise officer to make clearing goods almost like attempting to have access to celestial beings in heaven?

We may scream how terrible Dasuki, the erstwhile National Security Adviser is, by  his actions of sharing our commonwealth with his friends. But how did Dasuki single handedly pull these James Bondric stunts? Why should our political, moral, economic and legal system  accept  these practices which has become inherent part of our culture. Don't tell me other NSAs never did same or you and I have not benefitted from this corrupt culture. Yes! we must clean and make these systems running Nigeria work for us and serve us well. It has to be holistically done.

So the present government of Mohammadu Buhari, is right to go after those who are unlucky now because they are no more manning the gates. But until those people in the Buhari's government now who were part of the former government and also shared one way or another in illegally sharing our national "yam" are made accountable the world will think we are jokers. Most importantly until this government lead in total re-construct of the Nigerian systems, we will be dancing in circles on issues of corruption.

I would have suggested consulting  psychologist, anthropologist, Balalawos and Men of God, but my problem is they may demand consultancy fees, which may require asking Dasuki's twin...But we can Change Nigeria. Lets Go there.

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