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Friday, March 13, 2015


It's actually not about the parties; APC/PDP, for me personally. I haven't seen their differences ideologically or their distinct governance philosophy. My beef & concern is YOU, the electorate, "we the people". Isn't it about time we think & command our senses which are common to think of not just bags of rice, wads of crisp Naira($$) notes, wrapper, ogogoro and those stomach infrastructure blinders, which are just but for a moment. But let's think for once in this coming elections on the Person! The Character! The qualities of HE/SHE that ask for our votes. These folks live amongst us, we know them. Let's start creating the ONNA, the Akwa Ibom & the Nigeria we desire...we are watching!!!

The world is watching to see the "crawling babe" begin to walk and run again. We were once known as Giants of Africa. Whatever happened to that NIGERIA? Who bewitched her? We must get this Giant awake & Roaring again. Let's use our PVCs aka voter's card to vote out the pinheads & crazies. Nigeria we Hail Thee!!!

** Originally Published December 13, 2013.
Boston, MA.

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