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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Every child in my generation and from my background in rural Nigeria,was taught to work hard study in school and strive to make a great life for himself and his family.In essence,one of the early prayers you hear poured on a new born child ,is that he/she should be rich and wealthy to bring progress into the family.The source and motivation for success for most people come from this foundational concept that though your beginning may be small your later life ought not be small but progressive and innovative.

In my background and most of humanity ,we strive to progress from one lower scale of life to a better and comfortable scale of life.The United States became famous for the fact that dreams could be realized no matter what your societal scale of beginning .The entrepreneurial spirit that the founding fathers of America desired was actually inscribed in the founding documents and the constitution.

So what is all this bashing of the rich in America.I may not be rich now but by god I desire to be rich ,very rich,that is why we work and live,perhaps.The democratic party led by President Obama, have made class warfare a political strategy.The rich are the villains,they are responsible for all the ills in America's society,they oppress the poor.The middle class must be prop up to counter the rich...this goes on and on.The fact of the matter is that the so called middle class want to move from that middle class to the next class.The competitive spirits in the economic space is what separates United States from other nations.This country was not made great by politicians creating class warfare between one class against another.America was made great by creating the space for all class to compete and strive to attain their best creativity.
It does not bode well for the United States if there is a perception that the President is anti wealth,anti success and anti business.The signals coming from the white house is not encouraging to those who want to be rich tomorrow.
The political climate does not require class warfare to make ones political base energized but doing things that will improve the moral,economic and spiritual standing of ones base.
At the end of it all,ones political base should be the United States of America.

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