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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Please reason with Me

What makes you think he/she is an "oga" (lord superior). What makes you think he/she holds the keys to your growth and progress.You have got the greatest title ,asset and power; you are a CITIZEN of Nigeria,Yes, the highest title beyond national honors award,president,governor,excellency,honorable,senator ,lawyer,doctor,teacher,militant,minority,majority.
Remember, when you were in primary school or standard school? did you ask your friend and play mate if she/he was Annang,Ibibio,Yoruba,Igbo,Hausa,Ishan,Benin,Fulani,Nupe? did you ask before going to play in the playground?.Alright,when you started dating that boy/girl in secondary school,remember? did you ask him/her, if he/she was a moslem or christian or Ifa worshiper or catholic or protestant? Did you? So who has bewitched you? who has spoken all these lies into you?who is manipulating you? Can't you see? can't you think? can't you see where you are heading? that we may not have a country or state where we will call our own? where you can even enjoy those wealth you have earned? did i say earned ?alright ,wealth you have acquired? But to you who is still struggling to even earn anything,how long will they use you.Oh ,they have even promised you a spot? A spot? how long do you think this will continue..Haven't you smelled and seen anger,hatred,bitterness in the Land? haven't you heard of the global changes? Oh sorry,you don't even have electricity to tune on your radio or television? But know now...that there is a change coming....and it is inevitable.
As a citizen of Nigeria you are an agent of that change we have been waiting for.So go out and vote in April 2011,most importantly protect your vote,be vigilant.if they steal your vote,YOU MUST STATE LOUDLY AND CIVILLY ,NEVER AGAIN,It must be government WE THE PEOPLE DECLARE,period.

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